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Our Individual Consultations

Learn and understand about your diet and get expert advice from our Nutritionist/Dietitian to help you achieve your personal health goals!

It is done on a one to one basis as each individual is unique in their genetic profile and environmental influences. The foundation of optimum health should be our diet and what we eat has a greater impact on the risk of our health problems that occurs as a result of changes in food preferences, food composition and lifestyle habits.

Your Nutritionist will provide expertise to give personalized recommendations and design nutritional plans for a wide range of needs:


MyKenzen Weight Management Program can assist you to achieve long lasting weight loss


Gain control over blood pressure with healthy eating habits!


MyKenzen Diabetes Management Program helps you to take charge of your health


It is vital that the body receives right amount of nutrients to stay healthy


Healthy eating behaviours start from childhood and proper nutrition is essential


Would you like to include some healthy alternatives on your menu?

Consultations can be conducted onsite at your company premise or through online.


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